Thursday, January 10, 2013

Misadventures of a Broken Commandment

This morning found me singing a cheerful good morning song to try to rouse my sleepy minions and declaring what a glorious day we were bound to have. Five minutes before this happy morning ritual, I was in bed using very abusive and near unpublishable language as my alarm tried to rouse sleepy me. At least five days a week finds me putting on my "Good Morning" face to try and start our day on the right foot (as opposed to the left foot?). Today, as my little children gave me their usual morning grumbles, I thought about what a hypocrite I am, singing and being cheerful when I really wanted to throw my alarm out the window.

It reminded me of something that I read on facebook Christmas morning. In reference to a post that Snopes made about Santa, many negative comments were made. This direct quote sums up those negative comments, "For me, lying to children is one of the most disgusting things an adult can do to them. Be the example you wish your children to be." Being guilty of perpetuating the Santa story and realizing that I was lying to my children every morning with my delightful demeanor, I began wondering about what other deceptions I am guilty of. No, Michelle, I wasn't delighted with my new hair color. Though, I am getting used to it. No, Bishop, I wasn't grateful for the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting. No, Erika, I didn't "get" the joke you made up. No, Children, I don't think going to the dentist is a fun adventure. No, my Sweet Little Girl, I do not find this terribly long story to be totally riveting. And, Alex, I am not, in fact, a tickle monster. Boy, it's true what they say, "Confession is good for the soul."

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  1. I wish there was a way to say 'laughing out loud' without it sounding trite. But I did lol when I read this. Thankfully, your adoring children do read your blog. I believe in being honest, however, I do not believe in deliberately hurting other people. So, I do not think it is dishonest to simply refrain from saying everything that I am thinking (unless, of course I am talking to you - you get to hear what I think about everything and everyone). The damage that you can do to your child or other people is simply not worth it. This is why when certain people ask me if I am completely honest, I never give a resounding yes. I qualify it. Oh, and I also think that your children would rather be lied to and led to believe that you love mornings than be, themselves, put in a worse mood because you are grumpy.